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Complete System Services

Design, Implementation, and Unwavering Support

We design, manage, and support the technology that you rely upon, from conception to end-of-life.  Our experience and expertise in commercial electronics and systems design enables us to create custom solutions best suited to your application, combining components from different manufacturers and building the "glue" that makes them work together.

Whether you're building a new system, or have existing systems in need of upgrade or maintenance, you can rely on our 30-year experience to develop and support your technology needs.

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Advanced, Proactive Protection

Are you protected from Internet-based threats?

You are surrounded by customized technology, software and hardware pieces that work around you every day.  Are they exposing you to modern-day dangers which you're not protected against?

Using advanced technology distributed across global data centers, we don't wait for threats to get to your hardware systems - our virtual fortress offers complete threat monitoring and prevention that stops attackers before they reach critical equipment.

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Solutions for Management

Creative, tailored solutions - your way

Imagine if you could concentrate on the things that matter most at work, on the people and tasks that call for your personal attention.  Imagine if the mundane, repetitive parts of you job were handled by diligent helpers that delivered, every time, without missing a beat.

When hearing the term AI, "artificial intelligence," some worry that a computer is coming to take their job away.

Our AI is different.  We don't believe computers ought to replace humans - they should assist in our every day tasks, and then get out of the way.  Rather than promise a whole lot of "intelligence" that's supposed to outsmart but in the end frustrates you, we design business software to handle the tasks that you want handled and leave the rest of how you run your business up to you.  You dictate and our software adapts to you, not the other way around.

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